Reflections provide self-insight that help to grow

Organizations are the best environment in the world to help people realize their potential. Reflections offer the employee and organization the opportunity to regularly evaluate and make plans for the future. Reflections can be used to record one’s own progress, ask for feedback from the manager and serve as a starting point for the 1:1 conversation.

Fishing in the same pond

There is a lot of movement in the labor market. You see on LinkedIn one announcement after another of a new job. This is nice if they come to work for you and annoying if the departure is undesirable for you. 

The main reasons for leaving are that employees feel too little appreciation and there is often a lack of a clear goal to which they can contribute.

The pool of available talents has almost dried up and everyone is fishing in the same pond. The current employees are given ‘fantastic’ opportunities by recruitment agencies and other organizations and are promised golden mountains.

How do you ensure that the available talent wants to come and work for you and that the back door remains closed and you continue to captivate and bind the employees because committed and motivated employees perform better, are more loyal and are sick less often.

Feedback and communication

You can captivate and bind employees through feedback and communication are important because this contributes to a positive working climate, a good working atmosphere and self-confidence of the individual team members. Feedback and communication promote team performance, business results and prevent dropouts and absenteeism. Feedback and communication are improved by setting a fixed rhythm in the organization. This can be done weekly by organizing short check-ins or on the basis of a self-chosen rhythm.

By sharing information, giving feedback and applying positive communication, you create motivated and committed employees.

You can easily start with this by regularly looking back with the employee how things went, what ambition the employee has and where the organization can facilitate.

These are also called reflections.


In the automatically created reflection, the personal progress can be recorded. The reflection can be shared with the manager to validate the skills and goal.

The reflection can also use words for the 1:1 conversation between the professional and the manager. As a result, structure is added to the development conversations, and everyone speaks the same language.

Personal reflection

Personal reflections to track your own progress

Ask for and get feedback from your manager to validate skills and goals

Use the reflections of validation and to enrich your profile

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