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Every organisation needs the right focus and skills to survive in the rapidly changing world.

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Facilitate every organisation to get lifelong development in its DNA and to remain relevant.

Why did we create CareerTracker?

The answer to that question is simple:

To keep organisations and professionals relevant.

Gerrit Jan Straatsma

I have been working in software development for over 20 years of which 10 years at Microsoft as an ‘Application Platform Consultant’. Within this role I was active in supporting large organizations and software companies in the field of architecture, development, application lifecycle management and security.

I like to operate at the intersection of technology, people, processes and functionality with a preference for product development and innovation. I like challenges, am goal-oriented and pragmatic, but always keep the focus on quality and future-proofing.

I believe in coaching leadership where the best can be achieved from a team by setting goals based on a clear corporate and product vision and also by providing sufficient space and support.

Maarten van Dalen

Active in the development of professoninals since last century.
I like to find myself between the technology and the strategy side to generate the best solutions in co-creation. Alginment between Development and Requirements.

I have worked with SMEs, Scale Ups and Fortune500 organizations. Co-creating solutions that add value to the organizations.

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