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Software for professional growth

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Software for professional growth


Software for professional growth that is designed with the user in mind.

Super easy to use and without distractions because we are all busy enough as it is.

You enter a title, describe what your goal is and when you have achieved it.

It’s that simple, see for yourselff

Easy to use

No distractions, immediately clear and works super fast.
Also fun to use as a team.
Gea Ballast

Get feedback

It’s super easy to ask for feedback to stay on track. I don’t have any more surprises during my 1:1 conversation!
Willem Weries

Setting goals

De OKR methode is een The OKR method is an eye-opener for me and my colleagues. In this way, we work on goals in a structured way.
Michiel de Jong


You will receive an automatically created personal development plan that is tailored to you.

This allows you to work very specifically on your own skills in order to continue to grow. First determine what you can already do and then plan targeted development actions for each skill.

It’s that simple, see for yourselff

Software for professional growth
Software for professional growth


Reflections are automatically created for you so that you can focus on your growth and record your own success.

You indicate whether you are going to meet the deadline with green, orange or red blocks.

You can indicate the reason or change details.

It’s that simple, see for yourselff

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Software for professional growth


Reflections can be shared quickly and easily with the manager.  

The manager gives input with agree or disagree.

In case of disagreement, the manager can use the blocks to give input and substantiate it in a text field.

This way, there are no more surprises at the growth talks.

It’s that simple, see for yourselff



Alone you go fast, together you go further.

Easily collaborate on team goals to contribute to a healthy and inspiring organisation and achieve great results. Super easy to use!

Software for professional growth


How are we doing?

Do we do what we have agreed with each other or will the daily hectic take over again? Reflecting regularly will help you stay on track. Goals make the invisible visible!

Software for professional growth

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