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The Great Resignation or ?

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A record number of employees are leaving or thinking of leaving the job.

Organizations that take the time to learn why — and act thoughtfully — will have an edge in attracting and retaining talent.

Some figures that have come from a worldwide survey and that offer many insights.

Diagram leaving percentage


of workers say they are likely to leave within

the next 3-6 months

If the past 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that employees want a renewed and revised sense of purpose in their work.

They want social and interpersonal connections with their colleagues and managers. They want a sense of shared identity.


of employers believe is due to compensation

By failing to understand what draws and attracts their employees, leaders put their own business at risk.



of employees leave because they feel unappreciated by their managers


of employees leave because they lack commitment and purpose at work

All this information comes from a McKinsey study of the nature and characteristics of the Great Attrition – or what many call the Great Resignation. You can find this research here: How companies can turn the Great Resignation into the Great Attraction | McKinsey

How much effort does the organization make to understand why employees leave?

What meaningful action is the organization taking to retain employees?

With the right answers, the big resignation could become the big hiring!

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