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CareerTracker is a platform that helps you and the organization to align your personal, team and organizational goals, develop the skills with regular feedback moments that are recorded in the agenda. It’s designed to support the new HR cycle, which focuses on continuous learning and development, rather than annual performance reviews. Find out more about the added value for you, the team and the organisation.


Setting goals is like choosing a destination for you, the teams and organization.

Goals ensure the right focus. It gives a clear picture of where we want to go and why. With goals, we can effectively use our resources on what really adds value for us and our stakeholders.

Explore more about the value added for you, the team and the organisation.


Skills development is an ongoing process that helps our team and our organization achieve our goals. tHEY improve performance, adaptability and professionalism.

It’s a process of learning, practicing, and growing to get the best out of you, the team and organization.

Explore more about the value added for you, the team and the organisation.


Feedback is a valuable resource that enables our team and organization to continue to develop and grow as a collective.

It gives us new ideas that we often can’t come up with ourselves. By welcoming feedback, we can discover our areas for improvement and turn them into qualities.

Explore more about the value added for you, the team and the organisation.

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Goals skills feedback

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