The HR cycle is the process that focuses on the moments when the employee and employer discuss goals, performance, development and ambitions.

The HR Cycle is applied in every phase of the collaboration, so inflow, throughflow and outflow. Many organizations still work with the old set-up of the HR cycle with the annual planning interview, performance interview and assessment interview.

Due to changes in the labor market and the new generation of employees, it is wise to analyze the current process and see whether it can be improved.

Create involved and motivated employees with the new HR Cycle.

Our advice is to self-reflect once a week, ask for feedback once a month (fill in form for the manager), feedback and a development interview once a quarter.

The reflection is created automatically, the frequency is an advice because you determine your own rhythm.

The 6x honors are important in the new HR Cycle. It starts with the clear
define the expectations and on the basis of the expectations you regularly talk to each other.

During these conversations, both parties can vent and signal in time and correct if necessary, so you can continue to inspire each other, and keep each other to the agreements, something with discipline. The latter sounds a bit heavy, but it is nevertheless very important because this new process must become part of the DNA of the organization and this means that the employee and manager must hold each other accountable if the agreements made are deviated from.