reflecteren kun je leren

Reflecting is an super important skill to learn

Reflecting is an super important skill for professionals to learn.

The couple enables you to think critically about the work and how you can improve.

Here are 6 steps a professional can take to learn to reflect:

1. Make time for reflection

It’s important to make time to reflect on your work and performance. This can be done, for example, by scheduling 10 minutes each day to evaluate your day.

2. Ask yourself questions

Ask yourself questions about your work and achievements, such as: What have I achieved? What could I have done differently? What are my strengths and weaknesses?

3. Ask for feedback

Get feedback from colleagues, clients and other professionals to get a broader perspective on your work. This can help you highlight your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

4. Track reflections

Write down your thoughts and experiences. This can help to organize your thoughts and reflect on your work.

5. Ask for support

Seek support from colleagues or a mentor to help you in the reflection process. This can be done, for example, by discussing your experiences and receiving constructive feedback.

6. Learn from your experiences

Reflection is not only meant to look back on your work, but also to learn from your experiences. Use these experiences to improve yourself and further develop your professional skills.


It can be difficult to reflect at first, but with regular practice, it will become easier and easier and will eventually become a habit. Reflection can not only help improve your professional performance, but can also help promote personal growth and professional development.


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With the CareerTracker platform you are able to secure the right focus and skillset within the teams. With reflections and feedback, the professional feels valued and involved, so that unwanted departure of talent can be prevented. This secures the daily operation in the organization.

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Customer review of Didacticum

We experience the cooperation with CareerTracker as very pleasant.

It is a new way of working for us, so good communication is important here.

You help both the field managers and the consultants with examples, tips & tricks and to safeguard our new HR cycle.

The feedback we provide is immediately picked up, followed up and you also keep us continuously informed of the progress.

At Didacticum, everyone is at the helm of their own career and partly through the use of CareerTracker, our colleagues are able to do this optimally.

Zeljko Bondzulic, Field Manager Didacticum