We use The CareerTracker Performance Management Implementation Framework.

This is a proven guidance that’s designed to help you create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary for your organization to succeed with Performance Management.

It provides best practices and documentation to successfully achieve short-term and long-term objectives. By using the CareerTracker Performance Management Implementation Framework best practices, organizations can better align their business and technical strategies to ensure success.

The CareerTracker Performance Management Implementation Framework brings together best practices from CareerTracker employees, partners, and customers.

It provides a set of guidance, and narratives that help shape business, and people strategies for driving desired business outcomes during your Performance Management implementation effort.

Step-by-step plan for transparency in your organization

Leaders are tasked with assembling a team to ensure inspiring, more successful collaborations. To achieve this, transparency is needed.

Step 1 Strategy and vision
1.1 What is the strategy and mission
1.2 What concrete goals are set
1.3 Which core competencies are required here

Step 2 Create measurable roles
2.1 Clarity about responsibility and products per role
2.2 Linking competencies to role
2.3 Each employee complements the role assessment
2.4 Every employee receives a Personal Development Plan

Step 3 Objective and Key Results (OKRs)
3.1 Establishing organizational goals (annual)
3.2 Determining team and individual Objectives and Key Results (quarter)
3.3 Status update sessions (weekly)

Step 4 Feedback based on reflections
4.1 Reflections on role goals
4.2 Reflections on OKR
4.2 Input for PoP conversation

The executional hearbeat